How does the X4 Labs Penis Extender Work?

The Timeless Principle of Traction

The concept behind penis extenders is based on the principle of traction, which has been used for millennia, by various people all over the world, to grow body parts. X4 Labs incorporates this principle in its scientifically designed Penis Extenders to help men reach their penis enlargement goals.

When traction is applied to the penis, it forces the body into its natural response: cell division. This directly leads to increased tissue volume, and eventually a longer, thicker penis.

X4 Labs’ advanced technology allows for its extenders to be worn during all types of non-strenuous activities.

Designed for YOUR Penis

With its interchangeable bases, extendable rods and fully customizable support, the X4 Labs Penis Extender molds itself to your unique shape. With the available 58-Way Quad Support System, you can have YOUR penis extender the way YOU want it!

Enjoy our Standard Hybrid Support System

Our Hybrid Support System sports 2 different slot types, compatible with the included straps, tubes and Velcro. For even more options, enhance your order with the Quad Support System.


Superb, Velvety Comfort

With our top quality memory foam, surgical tubing and Velcro, you will understand why the X4 Labs Penis Extenders are the most comfortable around!

Results are Never Compromised

Our specially-designed, advanced tension springs ensure maximum results in the least amount of time, all the while maintaining stringent safety standards.

You Want Size. You’ll Also get Health.

While penis enlargement is the most visible result of using an X4 Labs Penis Extender, it’s far from the only one. The increased blood flow to the penis will lead to bigger, thicker and longer erections, and to better orgasms.

Moreover, CE-Certified, Class 1 Medical Devices Penis Extenders from X4 Labs are also used to treat the symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease and general erectile dysfunction. Beauty is more than skin deep!

What You Can Expect: A Bigger, Stronger Penis.

For an investment as low as $130, you can get one of X4 Labs’ high-quality, medical grade, fully-customizable penis extender packages. Don’t delay and order now for the results you deserve!