Why We are Number One

Made in Canada
Our extenders are 100% Designed and assembled in Canada.
Full Support, Your Way.
With our combination of Velcro Straps, premium Comfort Straps and Surgical-grade silicone Tubing, you’re in for a full-featured enlargement experience.
Always Comfortable.
X4 Labs provides premium-quality, durable Memory Foam pads and straps, to ensure the smoothest, most comfortable enlargement possible.
We don’t Negotiate Quality.
Every single component of our range of extenders is manufactured to exacting standards, and are of surgical grade quality.
Better Support Means Faster Growth
Your penis should never feel like a hanged man. Our Hybrid Support System and exclusive Quad Support System ensure world-class support.
Get Some Traction
The X4 Labs Penis Extenders rely on the time-tested principle of traction to increase penis size.
Whether you want unparalleled luxury, or are hypoallergenic, X4 Labs has the Penis Extender you need: The Gold Luxury Edition.
Our staff are trained to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and discretion throughout the ordering, billing and shipping process. We take your privacy seriously.
Top-Notch Support
Whether it’s to share a success story or request advice in using your penis extender, our in-house, Canadian enlargement experts are available for consultations, from 9AM to 5 PM EST.
Fast Results
Our specially-calibrated tension springs are designed to maximize your results and to ensure a safe and pleasant enlargement experience.
Full Customization
With our available Mini Support and Wide Girth Base, we know we can offer enlargement options where others simply can’t.
Ships Locally
Our extenders ship from one of our Canadian warehouses. The result: faster shipping and delivery, no duties.